Friday, February 14, 2014

Why I Love My Chiropractor

Yesterday, Gary dragged me out to go grocery shopping. Now, for those of you living in warmer climes (Mom), you may not realize that we've had below freezing temperatures here for a while, and that combined with the ice that fell on our driveway last week we have the perfect situation for a little slip 'n slide.

I opened the door to the van, stepped forward, and screamed all the way down to the ground. I didn't drop my glass, and barely spilled any tea. I did, however, get my butt very cold. Gary came around the van, took my things, and lifted me into the van.

As he got into his side of the van, he said, "I imagine you'll be going to visit Dr. Page sooner than expected." Unfortunately, he was right.

10 minutes down the road, I was on the phone to my chiropractor's office. When we arrived, he started muscle stimulation immediately, then I got some deep muscle massage, then he popped all the places I'd knocked out of alignment back into place. Ah, relief.

Today, I'm sore. My neck is sore, deep in my right hip hurts, and the middle of my back is just a little tight and sore. I can't imagine how much pain I'd be in had I not gone straight to the chiropractor's office. And that's why I love him so much, and recommend chiropractic care to everyone I know. Take care of yourself, people. Pain is not normal. It is a sign that something is wrong. Maintain your bodies!

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