Sunday, April 13, 2014

Winter Vacation Part 3: Young Frankenstein

We were supposed to be in Viroqua until Tuesday, but we had seen a sign advertising a performance of Young Frankenstein, one of Gabriel's favorite movies, in La Crosse.. We decided to leave early and attend the performance, then spend a day in Chicago before returning home. I'm so glad we did. The University of Wisconsin La Crosse's theater department did a fantastic job, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. 

We were also able to view a student art show while we were waiting for the play to start. I wish that I could share the art with you here. There was one piece in particular that tore my heart apart. It was a totem that depicted the way the artist felt about himself, starting with when he was young, and ending after he did a tour in Afghanistan. It was exceptionally powerful.

I want to give a plug for taking part in local art and entertainment when you're on vacation. We've found it truly enhances your experience.

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