Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Winter Solstice

This sunrise brought to you by my work as a barista.

I am not a morning person. This fact was well established by the time I was in middle school. But, I love sunrises. There is something special about a sunrise, about a new day, the possibilities inherent in the dawn. The same is true for the winter solstice.

Winter solstice signals the returning of the light. It brings with it rebirth for the earth. Slowly, throughout the winter, the earth is renewed to bring forth spring. Winter is the promise of things to come. One of those things is the returning light of longer days. For this reason, I love winter solstice. 

On this winter solstice, I have a message for the parents. Let go of the past. Realize that the mistakes you have made with your children were mistakes. You made the best choices with the information you had. Sometimes, part of the information is in darkness. Forgive yourself for not having all the information. Move on. Embrace the new day. Embrace the returning of the light to the earth. Allow it into your heart, and let it back out in joy and love.

Happy Winter Solstice! Much love, light, and joy to you this winter season.

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  1. You know those pendulum things that twist up? They twist up so tight in one direction that they reach a point where they have to unwind and go in the other direction. That is what I always think of when I think about the Winter Solstice. Now we unwind and twist in the other direction. Here's a wonderful holiday for you and your family.


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