Thursday, January 8, 2015

Regime Change

Earlier today, Dominic set himself up in the hallway with a chair and his schoolwork. He handed me some hall passes (that he signed so they could not be forged), and showed me his badge. Then, he promptly began asking his brothers for their hall pass every time they walked through the hallway.

This prompted Gabriel to run through the house gleefully shouting, "Can't catch me, copper," and "You'll never take me alive!" 

Since then, Dominic has threatened to slap Gabriel with his glove to challenge him to a duel. He has misused his power to move about the house freely, and generally had a blast being the self-designated hall monitor.

Maybe I should have Gary bring him home a safety vest.

(What do you think of his new hair cut? It's a HUGE change for us.)

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