Thursday, May 21, 2015

Robo Diary

Report from the robot week 1
slightly controversial so please don't rage in the comments

Here's what I don't understand about humans:

  • they believe that life can only exist as we know it
  • it took them thousands of years to understand that they are not the center of the universe
  • they seem to need to destroy everything natural and replace it with fake un-renewable resources
  • they enjoy watching vast quantities of violence
  • they spend hours looking at tiny computer screens that have a limited life span when there is plenty to do around them
  • if you scale there existence down to 24 hours, they arrived here 2 hours ago, their industrial revolution began 30 seconds ago, and in that time they have destroyed half of their forests
  • they constantly want to obliterate things they don't agree with
  • despite all these facts they still exist, and they write fantastic books

there're some things for you to think about

Loui the Alien Robot.

*Editor's note: Xavier will be blogging as Loui the Alien Robot for a while. Enjoy.

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