Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Work in Progress Wednesday

I was doing well, working on two projects for myself from my stash yarn. But, today, my yarn order came in. Now, I have 6 projects that have to be prioritized. Gary's gets top billing, so my Rocky Coast Cardigan has to go on the back burner. I know I said it was my year of stash crafting, and it is. But, I needed enough yarn to make Gary a sweater, and the boys are getting blankets for Christmas. Quite frankly, I actually don't have that large a stash. (Of which fact I'm inordinately proud.)
Toe up, two at a time, afterthought heel socks- something outside my comfort zone

Rocky Coast Cardigan and cat

So. Much. Yarn. 

The top yarn is Gary's sweater. The bottom 4 are for the boys' Geek Along blankets. That's going to be fun.

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