Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Work in Progress Wednesday

I haven't made much progress on my Rocky Coast Cardigan. It sure is going to be beautiful when it's done, though. (Stash yarn)

I'm starting to work on the legs of my afterthought heel socks. I'm doing a bit of reducing and I'll start the patterns on the next row. I'm very excited about these. They're made from Ella Rae Lace Merino and it is my very favorite sock weight yarn. It's beautiful, rich, and so incredibly soft. I'll admit, it's a little spend to use on socks, but I'm going to love these socks, and it was in my stash. (Stash yarn)

I'm almost done with the back of Gary's Penobscot Bay Pullover. I'm pleased with my progress on this. The past two weeks have been hectic around here, so my knitting time has been limited. This has been a quick knit so far, but now that I'm to the moss stitch, it's slowing down just a bit.

I've got three of each of these colors balled and ready to knit. That means I can start knitting the boys' geek-along-blankets. They'll have to wait until I finish my socks.

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