Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Work in Progress Wednesday

Our house is super busy with projects right now. All of them in progress. We're trying to clear out the clutter in our house, while simultaneously painting, replacing the carpet, and packing.

Gary and I decided to combine our bureaus. So, after 15 years of having two bureaus, we're down to one. When we replaced the carpets in our bedrooms, I refused to allow anyone to move anything back in the rooms that we aren't keeping. Since we're planning to downsize considerably, that means getting rid of a lot of stuff. That box is stuff Gary and I are getting rid of out of our closets and bureaus. It doesn't include all the shoes that were tossed!

My grandmother always said, "Five moves equals a burnout; you should move every five years." This is sort of my philosophy when it comes to moving. I take it as a chance to get rid of as much stuff as possible. It's harder this time. I have very sentimental children.

I am almost done with my Rocky Coast Cardigan. Since taking these pictures, I have finished the sleeves and am now working on completing the collar and trim. It's been my bedtime knitting, as I haven't been doing much knitting these days.

My socks haven't gotten ANY knitting done. I really want my cardigan done, then these will be next on the agenda.

This is a downsizing project. We were going to get rid of the chair, but it's incredibly comfortable. I decided to replace Dominic's pile-o-pillows with this chair. After we move, Xavier and Dominic will be sharing a room, and I plan to put the gaming systems in their room. I think they'll need somewhere comfy to sit. After wrestling with those arm cushions for quite some time, I decided to just cut them off. Everything has gone smoothly since. I expect to finish this tomorrow, since I'm not going to be home most of the day today.

Our poor puppy got spayed yesterday, which is a good thing, but she did not react well to the anesthesia. She's a little more mobile and wiggly today, but still pretty subdued. We'll be watching her pretty closely. At least she's eating without vomiting today.

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