Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Husband, Glorious Husband

Gary and I have joined the Instant Pot cult. Well, really, Gary has joined the Instant Pot cult. I'm just along for the ride. Frankly, anything that gets delicious food in front of my face is a go for me. In the interest of supporting Gary's Instant Pot habit, I joined a group on Facebook that shares recipes and tips. Sure, 90% of the posts are about yogurt and boiled eggs, but that's okay. We've found some amazing recipes. Tonight, Gary made lamb stew in the Instant pot. Oh. My. Word. That stuff is like crack. The lamb is literally melting in my mouth. He did adjust the recipe to include a quart of broth (that I made in the Instant Pot a month ago and canned in my stovetop pressure cooker) instead of 3 tbsp. It actually makes it difficult for the IP to come to pressure with less liquid.

The Instant Pot puts me in mind of my grandmother, though. Nonnie used her stovetop pressure cooker to cook quite a bit. It seems to me that we've lost some skills through our rush out of the house and into modern day cooking. And, in talking to people in this Facebook group, we have made cooking so mysterious that people are afraid to try things. The Instant Pot takes away the fear that a stovetop pressure cooker seems to give so many people. I suppose that I have the benefit of having grown up with Nonnie, learning to can, cook, bake, and so do not have that fear. Then again, I rarely have fear of things of that nature.

All of my fears are about not getting a 4.0. Sigh. I do love good grades.

If you're interested in the Instant Pot, I can suggest some good blogs that have excellent recipes. And, you can always join the Facebook group. I am especially a fan of a blog that translates Indian recipes into Instant Pot recipes, including an excellent recipe for tandoori chicken. Any other fans? Do you have favorite resources for recipes?

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