Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pass Trail

Warning: This is a picture heavy post. In fact, all those pictures are the main reason I'm blogging today. Mom needs to see the pictures, no?

This morning, I bounded out of bed at the extremely early time of 9:45, and said to Gary, "Let's hike Engineer today!" To this, Gary responded, "Ummmm, I think it's going to rain." Still, he agreed, and I raced down the hallway waking up children in the hopes they'd go with us. (By this time it was around 11, since the actual first thing I do in the morning is eat.) All 3 of our children replied with definitive nos. So, we set off, Gary, Bear, and me.

Then, we took the wrong trail. I was planning to take the easier, but longer, trail. We really haven't had a chance to do much hiking since getting out here, and I wanted to ease my way into it. Sadly, that is not what happened. Thankfully, it was totally worth it. We had a glorious time, even if we did get caught in a hailstorm. (Maybe I should listen to the man who's been forecasting weather for over 20 years.) Because of the storm, we stopped a short way before we got to the summit of the trail and headed back down the mountain. Sadly, Bear did not get to play in the snow. Next time, Bear.

We did, at least, pack just right. Knowing that we were gaining an elevation of about 5,000 feet from our house, (almost 2000 from the trail head), we brought warm clothes to layer. We also brought rain gear because, well, Gary's a weatherman!
On the way

Started the day in shorts, Chaco sandals, and short sleeves. Ended the day in this and a poncho.

That is snow.

Some of these flowers were taller than me. It felt like walking through a tunnel of flowers.

Wiped out. Filthy. Wet. Loved every minute.

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