Friday, October 20, 2017


We knew when we moved into this apartment that the kitchen was tiny and we would need more storage space. We took one look at the size of the refrigerator, and started trying to figure out where we could fit a freezer or extra refrigerator. (At the time, nowhere.) We didn't think about needing more counter space to be able to work until we actually started using the kitchen.

This summer, I came up with the bright idea of making the balcony our dining room by moving our table out there and adding a space heater. This has worked out well. For several months, we went without anything in the dining room except a small table. A couple weekends ago, we finally got a small freezer to put meat in, and everyone rejoiced. This was quickly followed by two rolling tables that are just under countertop hight and can be used as workspace. And the whole world rejoiced. As the crowning glory, Xavier suggested adding a gaming table to the space so that we can leave ongoing games out, specifically games that we can play as we walk by, and the Gabriel agreed to bring his chess board out of the dark. The two of them can frequently now be heard sitting at the chess board, talking and laughing after everyone else is in bed. That is this mom's dream.
Putting together a cart.
Dominic is happy enough about this that he let me take his picture.
When pushed together, the tables form a nice sized surface, and even have barstools to provide us with a breakfast area.
The tables tuck away nicely, with the barstools underneath, beside the freezer.
An ongoing games, with a card to flip to tell whose turn it is, and a card to tell when someone's in check. People just walk up and play whichever side's turn it is. Then, if there's been an abysmal move, they ask if I made a move. 

Actually bringing the inside outside. I'll post more pictures after I complete the transition out there.

*And, yes, we've actually had smaller kitchens, but we also weren't really cooking back then. Also, let's face it, we got completely spoiled by the giant kitchen we just left.

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