Sunday, October 22, 2017

Chaco Canyon

We got there late and left early, but we were all awake the entire time, and I'm glad we went. (I'll talk a little in another post about why I'm so happy we were all awake all day yesterday.)

Things you should know about Chaco Canyon-
There are loads of ruins that are easily accessibly, even if you only have a small amount of time in the park.
There are petroglyphs to take a gander at.
The last 17 miles of the road into the park is not paved, and the last 12 miles is not gravel. That last 17 miles takes a good 45 minutes if you're not in a 4-wheel drive vehicle.
There is camping, but only a few spots. I think we'd like to go back and do some camping.
Dogs are allowed in the park, but not at any of the archaeological sites, which means they're not allowed on most of the trails.
Chaco Canyon is a dark site, and they have astronomy programs April-October. This was the main reason we went, but Xavier started shutting down as it was getting dark, so we left before it was full dark. Luckily for us, we had that hour long trip back to the main road, so we stopped at the end of that, got out and enjoyed the stars for a few seconds (it was cold!) before we got back on the road home.
This is the same outfit he wore the last time we were at this restaurant.

This house looks like it is a face.

See the tiny people dressed in brown in a sea of brown? Those are my people.

Petroglyphs are so cool!!!!!

The intrepid explorer. A couple years ago, he wouldn't have even bothered trying to come up here. It doesn't look like it, but the canyon wall just falls away about a foot in front of him.

This may be my favorite color combination.

See? Side of the canyon.

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