Thursday, October 19, 2017

Donors Choose

Excellent statue just because- Look at the detail on that shawl.

Have I told you about Donors Choose? I feel like I have, but today I have a reason to talk about them again. Donors Choose is like Go Fund Me for teachers. This organization allows teachers to submit proposals to them to be funded. The proposal gets reviewed and approved before being let loose on the public to acquire funding. I believe that all students needs should be provided for by the general public. I think this speaks to the general welfare part of our constitution. Right now, we just don't have that; until we do, Donors Choose is an excellent way to support our students and teachers directly.

The reason I'm coming to you today about this is that I have a friend who teaches in a school with many English language learners, with 3/4 of the student body being low income. They need rich literature to further their education. She is trying to get funding to pay for two sets of books that would provide all the fourth grade students at her school with literature. Today, Donors Choose is matching any donations made as part of their #FillEveryShelf campaign.

Let's get her project funded. Even if you can only give a small amount, please consider donating to this campaign today. That money will be doubled and help fund the campaign faster. If you cannot donate, or even if you can, please consider sharing this information with others. Thank you.

Go to Donors Choose to donate!

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